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What is Reiki?












Reiki balances and harmonises a person’s energy on all levels, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually and Reiki healing energy flows to where your body needs it.


How can it help?


• Supports the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

• Vitalises both body and soul.

• Re-establishes spiritual equilibrium and mental well-being.

• Loosens up blocked energy and promotes total relaxation.

• Cleanses the body of toxins

• Adjusts itself according to the needs of the recipient.

• Is an extremely pleasant, holistic method of  healing.

• Compliments other holistic therapies.


Your Reiki session


During a Reiki session you remain fully clothed. Your Reiki practitioner may sometimes use touch but will ask your permission beforehand.


Our Reiki service is within Abbey Place Clinic in Faversham, Kent offering Reiki in a peaceful and relaxing environment. We are ideally placed close to Faversham town centre, which is easily accessible by motorway and public transport close to Whitstable, Canterbury and Sittingbourne.

Reiki healing energy is seen as one of the highest purest forms of energy in existence.  Originally taught and practiced by the Masters in Tibet over 3,000 years ago, the teaching has then been passed down to healing masters throughout the centuries.


In Reiki, illness is seen as something that manifests as a result of an imbalance of energy which first originates in the persons aura before it is recognised as a physical symptom in the body.

Some of our Practitioners Qualifications and Professional Memberships


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